December 2019

I’m actually a very easy-going person and get along with most people. I’m a little bit shy (you won’t say that) but once i’m comfortable with you i’m crazy…haha.

November 2019

Life is one big amazing story make sure you live it well.

October 2019

I’m always looking for a challenge and a way to improve some part of myself.

September 2019

The ability to express myself whilst working with amazing creatives.

August 2019

Living every moment as if it’s the last! My passion may come across as success, but it’s the success of my people that drives me. I’m a busy bee, wild … Read more

July 2019

My love for my family, friends and interest in people.

June 2019

I have a natural determined personality. So I’d say my passion for everything is what drives me.

May 2019

I’m a very self confident person. I normally say what I think even if someone might not like it. I love my family, 3 friends and my puppy. I work … Read more

April 2019

Success. This means different things to different people and it’s definitely not “having it all” because what’s “having it all”? And what’s ai? I just want to enjoy my life.

March 2019

I’m currently a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at wits. This should tell you I have no life and savour the little sleep I get. Im bubbly, outgoing and love … Read more